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Grade 1 Days; !

Part 1 - Ma daddy gonna arrest yo ass.

Being a short stubby Asian kid, you always have to wonder - how do you get by when you are a target of wannabe bullies. Of course in elementary, bullying is almost as natural as wetting yourself in class during the anthem or getting detention for misbehaving. BUT IN THIS CASE, my combat method was to tell lies, white lies. I would fend myself and protect myself from bullies by announcing that my father worked for the police and that if they came near me or hurt me, “my dad will arrest you and find you!”. All of this, in grade 1.

Part 2 - the kiss

Yes, we all had our first crush and first kiss - but mine i remembered, each and every moment, each person’s expression and reaction; engraved in my mind. As we finished watching LION KING (the first one) in class, it was time for recess. So, as good students would, we all lined up in-front of the door to leave for recess. This STAGGERING urge to kiss this one girl engulfed me. I leaned forward and kissed this girl I had liked. Her name was NIcholina, a taller Russian girl with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. My teacher looked at me and said, “Awww how cute David”. I blushed, in grade 1.


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